“Shhh…It!” A Funny Game For Friends And Party!

Being a new gamer can be intimidating and overwhelming. There are so many board games with dozens of components, complex rulesets, deep strategy and more. It can be stressful playing these games, especially with folks who are familiar with the games. The objective to playing board games is to have fun, not be stressed out! Below are a list of games that are extraordinarily easy to learn but still contain a lot of depth.

Splendor is a board game of gathering Chips and purchasing Development cards to gain Prestige. Players can perform one action each turn – gather Chips, purchase a Development card or reserve a card. The correct Chips must be gathered to purchase a Development card, and the Chips become rarer as the game progresses while the Developent cards become more expensive. Development cards provide Prestige, and the first player to 15 Prestige wins.

Star Realms is a 2 player space battle themed deck builder that can be learned in about 15 minutes. Each player begins with the game with the same cards in their deck – two Viper cards (attack), eight Scout cards (purchasing) as well as 50 Authority (life). Use Scouts to purchase Ships and Bases from Trade Row to improve your attacks, defenses and abilities. Use Vipers and other ships to attack the other player, the objective is to reduce your opponent to zero Authority. Each game lasts 20 minutes or so.